How to Study at Top Ivy League Colleges

If you are a top student you most certainly think about getting into one of the Ivy League colleges.

The word Ivy League itself sounds Royal and Honorable, right? Well because Ivy League colleges are the most prestigious top-level colleges A student can dream of attending.

The Ivy league comprising of eight most prestigious private schools in the North Eastern United States is an American collegiate athletic conference established in 1954 to bring together students with the highest intellectual academic and athletic abilities together.

The members of Ivy League include Brown University- Rhode island, Columbia University-New York, Cornell University-New York, Dartmouth College-New Hampshire, Harvard University-Massachusetts, The University of Pennsylvania-Philadelphia, Princeton University-New Jersey and Yale university- Connecticut. Stanford, MIT Caltech are also universities that, though not included in the list of Ivy League universities, have reputation and prestige on par with that of Ivy League universities.

Only the top of the top students can get into these colleges as the admission rates in all these universities are as low as 10%.

A student who really wants to get in these universities has to give it they’re all. Students from all around the world devote their energy, hard work strength.

To get a chance of attending one of these prestigious universities, you need to be special and stand out from the crowd. You need to be different and follow your own path.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to have a stable high-end career, these universities are the path you should go on.

A lot of famous celebrities, normally scientists, presidents, musicians have graduated from some top Ivy League universities.

Emma Watson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Barack Obama are some of the alumni, just to name a few. Of course, with the level these universities are at, they tend to be a little heavy on the pocket.

These universities are among the most expensive in the US, the tuition rates average between $55,000 to $60,000 per year.

I guess it’s true when they say that you need to sacrifice in order to achieve something great.

But wait, don’t panic because these universities offer really great financial aid so you don’t have to worry about the money and just focus on getting in.

Now that we know the basic, let’s look into the factors that will help you get into these universities:

The Most Basic: Grades

Grades are the most basic, but like any other University, you need to have extraordinary grades to get into an Ivy League. You need to have a GPA of 4.0 or close to it to get into a top university.

You need to work hard from the start and maintain a good score throughout your high school. Challenge yourself with AP classes and stay consistent.

Have a Good Personality, Not Tough, Right?

It doesn’t take much to be a good human. These universities look for students who will give back to society and be a positive influence on others.

Like mentioned previously, be genuine, do what’s right, and not just for show.

If your letter of recommendation states you being a kind and good human you might just get in. Having a bad personality and attitude even if you are at the top of your class will result in straight rejection.

Be Passionate, As Simple As That

Follow your passion. You don’t have to be good at everything. Everyone who applies for Ivy League is an all-rounder which is common and will not make you stand out. Love piano? focus on only music and piano.

Love writing? Focus on only that. Joining clubs and doing things that you don’t care about just to get more credit will not help you get in, focus on one thing only. Be special and try to stand out from the rest.

Be Ahead of Time

Believe it or not, applying early enhances your chances of getting into these universities.

Be careful, plan thoroughly because you can apply to only one school if you apply early. If accepted, you have no choice but to attend that school.

Chances of you getting into the following Ivy League universities (if applied early) is 21.9% compared to 9% for Brown University, 6.4% for Columbia University, 25.6% compared to 12.5% for Cornell. 27.8% compared to 10.4% for Dartmouth.

14.5% compared to 5.2% for Harvard, 22.0% compared to 9.2% for University of Pennsylvania. 15.2% compared to 6.1% for Princeton and 17.1% compared to 6.9% for Yale.

Pour those Words onto the Paper: Essay

This is the step where you write everything you want the authorities and admission officers to know. It states everything about you. So write carefully.

Write about your passion, your skills, what’s important to you. Keep it sweet and simple.

State your achievements, what you have done till now, how do you plan to change the world and contribute to society.

You will be shocked to know that essays can get you in these universities if you lack a bit in the grade section. A lot of the students have got into Ivy league based on their essays.

Choose Something  that Fits You

Research, spend time on yourself, and decide. Choose carefully. See if the Ivy League college you have chosen has the environment fit for your needs.

Many students make the mistake of choosing the wrong Ivy League school just because they want to be on the top.

These schools can guarantee success but only up to a certain degree, the other half of the success is up to you. 4

So take all the time you need and plan out the choice of your college keeping in mind your own needs.

Consult a Professional Counselor

One just can’t do all the work it takes to get into something prestigious and top-notch like Ivy League. Consulting a counselor will help you understand the process of admission better.

They also give you tips on how you should write your statement of purpose and your admission essays, which is really important. It is expensive, but it will be worth everything when you get in.

Extracurricular Activities are Important

High School is the time you start preparing everything if you want to get into an Ivy League school. Get your hands on every curricular activity your school has to offer. Sports, Theatre, Art, Journalism, Dance, and everything else you can name.

Ivy League schools put great emphasis on students who are into community service and help others. Be a part of NGO’s and do some good work.

Well, this concludes the steps you need to take in order to get into Ivy League. In short, just be yourself, work hard and you’ll surely get into one.

These universities have everything you can imagine. If one of these universities is your Dream College, then go for it.

Be ready to accept failure and work hard to learn from your mistakes. Perseverance is the key to getting into Ivy League.

All these universities have a rich Academic and athletic past which attracts a lot of students. Try hard to get into one of these colleges and who knows, maybe you will become a famous person too.

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