Legit Ways to Earn Money 2020

Fill up your wallet with these legit ways to make money in 2020

2020 the worst year us humans could have asked for. With the current pandemic going on and the money in our wallet-draining out, people are looking for ways to make even a little bit more extra to keep things going smoothly.

Money has always been essential but it is much more essential right now as the cost of all the commodities is shooting up and medical bills are piling up. Living itself has become a luxury.

With so many people losing their lives due to the virus, and some natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, and floods, that extra amount of money is everything that’s needed right now.

thanks to the digital world we are living in because all the technology is helping us a great deal.

Social life has come to a standstill with the virus going on a killing spree, so the only option we have is using the internet and some basic skills.

One more thing is that everything can be done from the comfort of your room. So not only are you earning money but you’re also safe and comfortable.

Now let’s start by taking a look at jobs you can do to earn those extra bucks:

1) YouTube

YouTube, without a doubt, is the biggest social media platform with tons of creators and even more creators with a million subscribers and a loyal fanbase.

YouTube will give you great cash if you’re willing to work hard. Start an account and upload 10 or above minute long videos about things you like to do.

Makeup tutorials, teaching, dancing, playing games YouTube has a space for everyone and anyone.

Once you gain over 1000 subscribers you can start making money by monetizing your channel and you get paid to include ads. Keep your audience entertained and be consistent. Be patient and just be yourself.

2) Influencer

You must have heard about Kylie Jenner, Jeffree Star, Cameron Dallas, and Christiano Ronaldo.

These names are some of the biggest names in the world of Influencers on Instagram among others. Anyone can become an influencer but you need to have a massive following.

While it may look like only hotshot people can become influencers a large number of small scale YouTubers have earned money and got popular by becoming influencers.

You can sell your own products launch your own brand, get paid for ads, mention links in your Bio, give shoutouts to pages, collaborate, and get paid to promote.

3) Start blogging

People say “Old is Gold” well this is true for blogging too. People who can write and have a way with words can always start a blog. Be creative, pick something that interests you the most, and start blogging.

Consistency is key so be sure to update your blog frequently so that more people visit your blog and you get more interactions.

To earn money add affiliate links in your post, place ads in your blog, become a sponsor for products, and promote things.

4) Freelancing

Freelancing basically means working from your home online. There are tons of freelancing sites that will offer you jobs suited for your skills, for example, if you are a writer, designer, teacher you’ll find a lot of clients looking for your skills. You can go at your own pace.

You will obviously start with low brands for free but the more experience you gain the more work you get with big tier clients and the more money you earn. Keep experiencing and explore.

5) Translation

The translation is booming so if you are bilingual this might be the best work for you.

Companies will hire you to translate documents for them so make sure you have strong control over both the language. You will get paid accordingly.

6) Tutor

If you have the knowledge and skills to teach students and help them with their problems, then tutoring is the best way for you to earn money.

There are many websites that will help you get a boost for your tutoring career.

Upload notes, be frequent, answer questions, and ask for feedback from your students. You can even teach English to non-English speakers.

If you make more money you can even hire a team of experts to help students with much more ease.

7) Photography

Skilled in taking pictures that speak volumes? Skilled in capturing photographs that tell a thousand stories? Then grab your camera and go photograph.

You can earn money by posting your photograph on sites that monetize photographs.

There are companies that need photos for their social media accounts, or documents or to appeal to the audience. Search the internet and look for those freelancing sites.

8) Speak your thoughts in the form of podcasts

Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded by the listener on a computer or mobile. The podcast can be about anything, really anything at all.

You just need to have the required equipment, that is, a microphone recording software and a laptop and you’re good to go.

Promote a product, you can even promote your own brand and get people to buy your product, include ads in between your podcasts.

The high number of listeners will mean more money for you. Be entertaining and try starting a series.

9) Become a Typist

Do your fingers have the speed that can help you with earning cash? Then type and earn some cash. You will be given audio listen to it carefully and type it. The more you type the more you earn.

Different companies pay different amounts for the length you type out so make sure you check properly.

Don’t fall for scams and check out multiple sites that hire freelance typists.

10) Narrate an Audiobook

If you think you have a soothing voice and can give life to the words written in a book then go for narration.

The narration industry is on a booming rise and in this fast-paced world where people don’t have time to read and smartphones have become a necessity, there is an ever high demand for narrators.

There are tutorials where you can learn to train your voice for narration. Be sure to check them out too



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